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Human beings have been making noise since time began. It's a fundamental way we express ourselves - whether it's in singing, dancing, beating a drum, or playing air guitar along with Jimi Hendrix, our lives are touched by music and sound. However, there's more to audio engineering than bands and singers. Practically every movie, TV series or commercial you watch has been shaped by audio engineers.

If you go to a conference, attend an outdoor concert or join a TV/Film Shoot,  you'll find a world in which sound is a dominant and integral part of the experience. SAE has been at the forefront of audio training around the world for more than 30 years. Our courses will teach you how to master sound and use it for what you need.

1 Year International Certification - Audio Engineering

1 Year International Certification - Audio Engineering

Upon successful completion of this 12 month course, you will receive a certificate accredited by SAE International and Navitas. This certificate is internationally recognized in the industry, but does not constitute a DIPLOMA of education within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

2 Year Professional Diploma - Audio Engineering

2 Year Professional Diploma - Audio Engineering

You can continue your education for an additional 12 month and receive a VOCATIONAL DIPLOMA from Seyada for Creative Arts which is accredited by the Technical and Vocational Training Center in Saudi Arabia along with a combined PROFESSIONAL DIPLOMA from SAE International and Navitas. This professional diploma signifies to employers that you have advanced, more diverse skills and a stronger portfolio of projects under your belt. In addition to covering all the subjects in the 1 YEAR CERTIFICATION, you’ll complete a wide range of progressively more complex projects including:

Demo EP (4 songs)
Album (8-10 songs)
Live Music Recording
Arabic Music Production
Music Video (Surround sound on DVD)
Electronic Music Production

Students Will Also Focus On:

Acoustics of Music Instruments and Auditoriums (Optional Workshop)
Live Sound Reinforcement and Production
Sound editing for music videos and radio broadcasts


Completion of the 1 YEAR INTERNATIONAL CERTIFICATION, or proof of required exprience in the Audio Engineering field. All classes are in English. Students need good written and spoken English skills.

Diploma Duration

2 years. The first year of this diploma is the 1 Year International Certificate.

Further Study

The degree programme could be completed at any Middlesex University approved SAE degree centre.

Bachelor's Degree - Audio Engineering